Specialty Applications

Broad Based Training (Scotland) CT1 - Specialty Specific Application Form Questions

These are the UK Specialty Training application form questions used on Oriel for applications to ST1, CT1, ST3 and ST4 specialty training posts. These are the application form questions used for posts advertised in November 2023 with a start date from August 2024. Dental Specialty posts are usually advertised in January with a start date in September.

The questions are presented here to help you prepare for your future applications. Please be aware application form structures, questions, word counts, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future application forms will remain the same. 
1. Additional Qualifications
Please list any additional completed undergraduate qualifications with dates. Do not include details of your pre university school education / exam results. 
For each qualification:
  • Name
  • Qualification
  • Place of Study
  • Grade/Honours
  • Date Completed
2. Postgraduate Exams
Please list any postgraduate exams you have undertaken.
For each qualification:
  • Name
  • Subject/Qualification
  • Place of Study
  • Grade/Result
  • Date Completed
3. Leadership and Management
Please provide details of any management and leadership roles as a medical undergraduate or postgraduate. (Words allowed: 200)
4. Research, Audit or Quality Improvement
Please provide details of any research, audit, or quality improvement you have undertaken that is relevant to your application to this training programme. (Words allowed: 200)
5. Teaching
Please provide details of any teaching experience that is relevant to your application to this training programme. (Words allowed: 200)
6. Statement to Support Your Application
Please explain why you have applied to the Broad Based Training programme in Scotland. (Words allowed: 200)