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Histopathology ST1 Specialty Training Advert 2023-2024

The information and documents included on this page are to help you prepare for your future specialty training applications.

The information is from specialty training posts advertised in 2023, with a start date from August 2024. Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 

Job Advert

The text below is for posts advertised in November-December 2023, with a start date from August 2024. It is included here for information to help you prepare for future applications.

Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 

Training Programme:Histopathology
Post Type:Specialty Training (ST)
Post Commencing From: August 2024
Duration (months):60
Recruitment Lead:London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Recruiting For:England, Scotland, Wales

Histopathology ST1 

London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex is coordinating the national process for recruiting trainees into Histopathology ST1 run-through posts across England, Scotland and Wales.

To successfully secure a training post, applicants should demonstrate a genuine interest in histopathology. Previous experience is not a requirement, however motivation and understanding of the specialty are important elements to demonstrate in the application.

For further detail on the schools and programmes please visit the NHS Histopathology information portal (https://histopathologytraining.org/) and local London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex websites websites.

Histopathology is a speciality centred on making diagnoses and deriving prognostic information from the gross and microscopic examination of cytological samples, biopsies and resections from any organ of the body of living patients.

Within the training programmes, and as consultants, there are opportunities for sub specialisation and for involvement in research and audits. This can lead to postgraduate degrees, presentations at national and international meetings and publications.

This is for completion of CCT/ CESR (CP) subject to satisfactory progression.

Eligibility Criteria for recruitment to Specialty Training 

All applicants applying to medical specialties are required to have essential competences or equivalent depending on the level they are applying for. For more information on Histopathology ST1 competencies please refer to the Medical Specialty Training website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training

Please note the national Histopathology ST1 person specification can be downloaded via the National Specialty Training Website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/person-specifications/person-specifications-2024

Please upload all required evidence of competences to your online application form when completing the application form online. For those experiencing difficulties when uploading evidence, please ensure you contact the team via the London and Kent, Surrey & Sussex portal: https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home

Reasonable adjustments and Disability Confident Scheme: 

For more information regarding reasonable adjustments and disability confident scheme, please visit our Medical Specialty Training website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training

Eligibility Criteria for recruitment to Specialty Training – Immigration Requirements:

All medical practitioners are on the shortage occupation list, this means with the exception of all applicants to Public Health, all specialty recruitment applicants will be exempt from the resident labour market test (RLMT).

Key dates & information
A full timeline can be found in the Histopathology ST1 Timeline section of the Medical Specialty Training website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/pathology/histopathology/overview-of-histopathology/recruitment-timelines

Interview dates: 5th to 8th February 2024

Interview venue:  Remote Interviews

Posts commence from: August 2024

Shortlisting process
Shortlisting will be a 2-stage process. The first stage uses the self-assessment score that you have submitted as part of your Oriel application and the second stage involves consultant review of the evidence you provide to justify your self-assessment score. The consultant records a verified evidence score, and this is used to determine which trainees are invited to interview.

Further information about both shortlisting stages can be found within the shortlisting section of Histopathology ST1 on the Medical Specialty Training website available here:

You will be required to complete a self-assessment as part of your Oriel application.

As part of the application process, you will be required to upload supporting evidence to justify the self-assessment achievements you claim on your application form. You should plan to have your documents ready to upload at the point of application, although it will be confirmed exactly when documents must be uploaded by on the opening date for applications. Guidance will be available on Oriel on how to upload documents and it will be very important that applicants adhere to this to enable their evidence to be verified.

Interview process
All interviews will be held remotely. For more information, please refer to the Histopathology ST1 Interview process section of Medical Specialty Training website:
Also the information is available here: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/pathology/histopathology/overview-of-histopathology/interview

Length of interview 
The interview will consist of two stations lasting 30 minutes.

Preferencing Posts 
Histopathology ST1 preferencing will be made available via Oriel in February/March 2024, more information will follow at a later stage.

The preferencing window will reopen between offer iterations, in line with the enhanced preferencing process.

Please visit the London and Kent, Surrey & Sussex Support Portal where you will find a series of FAQs, and you will be able to submit an enquiry to the London and Kent, Surrey & Sussex?Recruitment Team.

If you have made a positive declaration in the FTP section, you must contact London and Kent, Surrey & Sussex recruitment office via the support portal by the close of the application window. Failure to provide the outlined information by the close of application may result in your application being withdrawn.

Indicative post numbers for each region can be found on the Histopathology ST1 page of the Medical Training Website. Actual post numbers will be confirmed when invited to select programme preferences later in the round.

Salary scales
Please follow the links below for information about salary scales in the four UK nations.
England: https://www.nhsemployers.org/topics-networks/pay-pensions-and-reward/medical-and-dental-pay-and-contracts;
Northern Ireland: http://www.nimdta.gov.uk/recruitment/trust-hr-information/;  
Scotland: http://www.msg.scot.nhs.uk/pay/medical/junior-doctors
Wales: http://www.wales.nhs.uk/nhswalesaboutus/workingfornhswales/payconditions/payandconditionsresources


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Application Form

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For the generic application form questions applicable to all specialties please visit the application form page.

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