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General Practice and Public Health ST1 Specialty Training Advert 2023-224

The information and documents included on this page are to help you prepare for your future specialty training applications.

The information is from specialty training posts advertised in 2023, with a start date from August 2024. Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 

Job Advert

The text below is for posts advertised in November-December 2023, with a start date from August 2024. It is included here for information to help you prepare for future applications.

Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 


Training Programme:General Practice and Public Health
Post Type:Specialty Training (ST)
Post Commencing From: August 2024
Duration (months):84
Recruitment Lead:East Midlands
Recruiting For:United Kingdom (England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)
Enquiries Email:england.publichealthrecruitment.em@nhs.net

Dual CCT Advert Introduction

The General Practice (GP) and Public Health (PH) Dual CCT programme is a 7-year programme which integrates both GP and PH training into one training pathway. This will ensure that the applicant meets the requirements of both the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) to hold a CCT in both specialties. The requirements of both specialties will need to be met, including successfully completing the RCGP and FPH postgraduate membership examinations and meeting the capabilities as outlined in the RCGP and FPH curricula. There is a Dual GP and PH CCT curriculum to demonstrate where there is overlap between the RCGP and FPH curricula to aid with capability achievement during the programme.

During the course of the programme, the applicant will complete a variety of placements such as primary care, secondary care and PH placements which will be integrated and carefully selected to ensure they can maintain capabilities in both throughout the programme duration. The applicant will be supported throughout the programme by Educational Supervision in both GP and PH.

Information about the Specialties

General Practice
General Practice is about caring for the whole person as well as their illnesses, the promotion of healthy life styles, and providing the first point of contact and out of hospital care for patients.

Doctors working in General Practice enjoy problem-solving with their patients, combining evidence-based medicine, wide ranging clinical skills and compassion to care for the individual. They provide a holistic approach aimed at managing risk, and dealing with (rather than resolving) uncertainty and complexity. The added value is delivered by allowing a story to evolve and develop rather than applying a protocol to every presentation in an attempt to resolve it.

Public Health Medicine
Consultants in Public Health serve the population, whether they are working for a rural community, a large city, or the entire national population. The principles remain the same: prevention of ill health, promotion of healthy lifestyles and provision of good health care services.

The Public Health training programme combines academic training, service experience and skills-based training, resulting in a CCT/CESR (CP) in Public Health and the ability to gain entry to the UK Public Health Register and GMC Specialist Register.

You will need to be from a medical background to apply for this dual training programme; you could be looking to specialise after your F2 training; already in specialist training and want to venture into Public Health; or looking for a change of career. Above all, you must be passionate about improving the health of every single person in the UK.

Application Process & Eligibility Information
You can start your application via the Apply button above.

The expected outcome of the training programme is a Dual Certificate of Completion of Training in both General Practice and Public Health Medicine.

Before applying, please read the person specification to assess your suitability for the post.

Please upload all required evidence of foundation competence (if applicable) to your online application form when completing the application form online

In the event of further training opportunities becoming available within this specialty, appointable candidates may also be considered for these posts.

Please note that the vacancies advertised may be subject to change prior to interview.

Selection Process

Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA)
The MSRA is delivered globally on several consecutive days in a large number of Pearson VUE Computer Testing Centres.
MSRA details can be viewed on the Medical Training Recruitment Website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/multi-specialty-recruitment-assessment-msra

Public Health Assessment Tests
These are written tests of numerical and critical reasoning and a situational judgement, scenario-based test.

Assessment tests will be taken electronically and offered through test centres at various locations throughout the UK and other countries.

Public Health Virtual Selection Centre
Top ranked applicants from the Public Health written tests will be invited to a virtual selection centre process.

Further information can be found on the Medical Training Recruitment Website https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/public-health/recruitment-information/assessment-and-selection-centre

Key Dates and Additional Information

Posts commence from Wednesday 7 August 2024.

The expected duration of the programme is 7 years however the actual duration may depend on the circumstances of the individual.

Please note that the Recruitment Office and NHS England have a strict application policy and will not accept applications submitted after the submissions deadline.

The Postgraduate Dean confirms that these placements and/or programmes have the required educational and Dean’s approval. The Training Programme is equally open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train less than full time or job share.

Please visit (insert weblink) [sic][specialty website: https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training/general-practice-public-health-dual-cct-programme] to find out the following information:
• Indicative number of vacancies available (please note these are subject to change throughout the recruitment process)
• Likely locations of posts and possible employers within the training programme
• Expected rotation details
• Anticipated outcome of the training programme, subject to satisfactory progression
Programmes will be confirmed directly with the candidate by the appropriate NHS England region/Deanery should applicants be successful at interview.

Please be aware that although trainees’ preferences are considered when making decisions on placement, final decisions take into account the service needs of all sites within our training programmes.

Pay Scales
All trainees should be paid monthly at the rates set out in the national terms and conditions of service for hospital medical and dental staff and doctors in public health medicine and the community health service (England and Wales), “the TCS”, as amended from time to time. The pay scales are reviewed annually. Part-time posts will be paid pro-rata.

During the recruitment episode please visit website regularly to access up to date information relating to this vacancy and information about the recruitment process.

For any queries that cannot be answered by the methods above please contact please contact: england.publichealthrecruitment.em@nhs.net

For further national information please visit https://medical.hee.nhs.uk/medical-training-recruitment/medical-specialty-training


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Application Form

For specialty-specific questions please visit the General Practice and Public Health specialty specific questions page.

For the generic application form questions applicable to all specialties please visit the application form page.

Competition Ratios

This is a new specialty for 2023-2024 and therefore there is no historic competition ratio data.

You can see the competition ratios for the separate General Practice and Public Health Medicine specialties on the Competition Ratios page.

Fill Rates

This is a new specialty for 2023-2024 and therefore there is no historic fill rate data.

You can see fill rate data for the separate General Practice and Public Health Medicine specialties on the Fill Rates page.