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Orthodontics ST1 Specialty Training Advert 2024

The information and documents included on this page are to help you prepare for your future specialty training applications.

The information is from dental specialty training posts advertised in January 2024, with a start date from September 2024. Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 

Job Advert

The text below is for posts advertised in January 2024, with a start date from September 2024. It is included here for information to help you prepare for future applications.

Please be aware specialty training advertisements, links, recruitment leads, post numbers, etc. can change and there is no guarantee that future advertisements and application processes will remain the same. 

Training Programme:Orthodontics
Post Type:Specialty Training (ST)
Post Commencing From:September 2024
Duration (months):36
Recruitment Lead:Orthodontics National Recruitment Office
Recruiting For:United Kingdom (England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)
Enquiries Email:england.enquiriesnroorthodontics@nhs.net

ST1 Orthodontic Recruitment 2024 – Round 1   

NHSE Workforce Training & Education – Northeast and North Cumbria will once again be co-ordinating a single UK wide national process for recruiting trainees into Orthodontic training programmes at ST1 level across all regions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales 2024.  

All posts are to provisionally commence from September/October 2024.  


A full timeline for the round can be found here

Interviews will be held on 16thand 17th April 2024. 

Applicants that are invited to interview will need to ensure that work commitments are scheduled to allow time off for attendance. There will be no alternative interview dates available.  


Please see the NRO website for details on post numbers and Job Descriptions.  

The expected duration of this programme is three-years; however, the actual duration may depend on the circumstances of the individual.  As well as the standard three-year training programme, some regions are including run-through training programmes lasting five years.  The number of run-through training posts available are not known at this stage.  

NHSE Workforce Training & Education – Northeast and North Cumbria will notify all applicants of which posts are run-through once they have been confirmed by regions at the preferencing stage.  

All vacancies advertised are subject to change based on service, education, training configuration and the results of the Membership in Orthodontics examinations.  

Application Process  

Applications are equally open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train less than full time or job share.  

Please note that there is a strict application policy that applications cannot be accepted after the deadline.  

Before you complete your application, it is imperative that you read the information available on the NRO website

The website will contain specific and detailed information with regards to the posts available so please read them thoroughly to ensure that you fill out your application form and rank your preferences correctly.    

Please ensure you upload all the required evidence to support your application form, as this will be required at longlisting. Evidence relating to the self-assessment will be uploaded to a separate portal, applicants will be notified of this once longlisting is complete. 

You will not be able change your application once it has been submitted. Any queries regarding your application can be emailed to; england.enquiriesnroorthodontics@nhs.net.   

For further information regarding the individual programmes/units, please refer to the NRO website.   

All posts advertised are subject to change based on service, education and training configuration.  

Interview Process  

Length of interview and structure: Interview guidance will be made available on the NRO website. The interview process will be online.  

Programme Preferences: Preferencing is anticipated to open at 10am on 22nd April 2024 and close at 4pm on 26th April 2024.  Applicants will be emailed to advise when preferences have opened.  Applicants will have the opportunity to rank all programmes across the UK. Further information on programme preferencing is available on the NRO website.  

Offer Date: Offers will be made via Oriel no later than 23rd May 2024.  

Eligibility to work in the UK   

If your employment is subject to immigration control, you should refer to the relevant page on the website for information about how this will affect your application. In some cases, applications will not be considered or only considered once the resident labour market test can be satisfied.  

Fitness to Practice  

If you have made a positive declaration in the Fitness to Practice (FTP) section of the application, you MUST email: england.enquiriesnroorthodontics@nhs.net by close of the application window. Please refer the relevant page on the NRO website for the information you must include. Failure to email the information by close of application may result in your application being withdrawn.  


Each nation is responsible for agreeing the pay points on their respective Dental Trainee salary scales.  These are subject to change due to national contract renegotiations and annual uplifts. 

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the relevant pay circulars when applying for a training position.   

Salaries are not protected and can increase or decrease when moving between nations or into a more senior post (e.g. from Dental Foundation Training to Dental Core Training). If there is any uncertainty, applicants should seek support from the local office responsible for the post regarding the starting salary for the position before they apply. 

The British Dental Association (BDA) website (link to https://bda.org/) provides a resource of information on pay for dentists in the whole of the UK. Their guidance advises you on any issues you may have such as pay scales, expenses and pay protection, providing you with the detailed support you may need. 

Contacts and Enquiries  

NRO Website  

For any queries that cannot be answered please contact; england.enquiriesnroorthodontics@nhs.net 


The following links were included within the advertisement. Some links may only be live or working during the application and recruitment window.

Application Form

For specialty-specific questions please visit the Orthodontics ST1 Specialty Specific Questions page.

For the generic application form questions applicable to all specialties please visit the application form page.