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Specialty Training Fill Rates - Scotland East Coast

These are the fill rates for specialty training posts in the Scotland East Coast region over the period 2013-2023.

This data is for Round 1 and 2, and based on data published on the Medical Specialty Training website. Data is presented here in a single table to make it easier to make comparisons across specialties, nations, levels, etc.

Use the filter boxes at the top of the Specialty, Year, Level and Fill Rate columns to narrow down the content of the table. The Search box allows you to search across all columns of the table. Alternatively see the links below the table to view fill rates by regions or by specialty.

Please note – regional fill rate data was not published for the following periods: England (2022), Wales (2022), Scotland (2022 & 2023) or Northern Ireland (all years) so can not be displayed here.

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